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What are Glycogen
Storage Diseases?

GSDs are a number of inherited disorders affecting carbohydrate metabolism. Liver glycogen storage diseases have some common symptoms, most notably hypoglycaemia or low levels of glucose in the blood.

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of liver GSDs

Learn about what is needed to manage your condition.

In many cases, this can be achieved through careful dietary control. Sometimes, you may need medications or other medical treatments too.

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Living with
the condition

Having a liver GSD should never hold you back from living a full and active life. The key to success is being prepared.

My GSD Adventure

Share your stories of what living with a liver GSD means to you, your family and friends. What difference has GSD made to your lives?

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Please enjoy our new recipe section which have been designed for individuals who have liver Glycogen Storage Disease (GSD) but are also suitable for the whole family.

Cook along with Chef Neil as he shows you how to make some selected recipes.

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All content is provided for information purposes only, always consult your Specialist Metabolic Team for medical advice on the management of Glycogen Storage Diseases.