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The content of this website is intended for UK patients. Information concerning liver Glycogen Storage Disease management is based upon UK practice. As dietary management may vary in different countries, please speak to your metabolic team at the hospital for individualised advice for your GSD.

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Mental health

If you regularly feel ‘low’, depressed, anxious or have other worrying emotions, seeking help is one of the first steps to staying well. Even if you are not sure if you are experiencing a specific mental health issue.

There are lots of options for support, and you may find some more suitable and effective than others, so it’s always good to be aware of who you can reach out to for help.

Your doctor or Specialist Metabolic team

They could make a diagnosis, offer treatments, refer to you to a specialist or recommend support groups.

Mental health crisis helplines

If you’re in a crisis and need to talk straight away, there are many helplines that can help you, including:

Workplace support

Some workplaces offer free support services such as an Employee Assistance Programme or other talking therapies. Speak to your employer to find out what they have available.

Student services

If you’re in higher education, you may be able to find support through your institution’s wellbeing centre. Reach out to your institution to see what resources they have available.