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Group of kids with a basketball Group of kids with a basketball


To help you stay fit and healthy here are some points to think about.

Sports use energy

Extra activity lowers your blood glucose levels. You are therefore likely to need additional snacks before exercise, possibly during and after too.

Make sure you eat before you work out and avoid dehydration by drinking extra fluids.

Avoid high impact

In general, you should avoid high impact activities (e.g. hockey or martial arts), especially if your liver is enlarged.

There are different options you could explore. For example if you like rugby, tag rugby may be an acceptable option.

High energy activities

Some sports like swimming, particularly in colder water, burn up more energy than others. Endurance sports like long distance cycling or running and rowing also put extra demands on your body.

Plan for extra snacks if you take part in these activities.

Speak to your Specialist Metabolic Team for advice on any activities you’d like to try.